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Tropical Property Management has developed the reputation of being a “go-to” professional Landscaping Design and Installation Company for both Commercial and Residential Projects.


Our landscape designer can work with you to create a landscape that complements your property and will thrive in our unique Florida environment.  We will carefully plan and design your ideas, and tailor them around the impression and emotion you want to create with unique landscape designs that are both aesthetically beautiful and environmentally sound.  Workmanship is exceptional, both in design and execution, which in turn adds value to your property.


Once our installation team is on your property they are committed to work professionally and courteously as they implement the landscaping plan. The members of our installation team have years of experience in Florida Landscape Installation and take pride in bringing about a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Each team member will be uniformed, respectful and hard working.  When the project is completed they will leave your property clean and ready for you to enjoy and share with friends, family and neighbors.

Bonavolonta After May 2016 77 (1)
Orchid Island Common Area Planting 12
Knapp Landscaping May 2016 2
Sexton Landscape Job 2015 47
Day Landscaping May 2016 36
Sexton Landscape Job 2015 188
Sexton Landscape Job 2015 72
Whalen December 2015 25
Whalen December 2015 38 1
Day Landscaping May 2016 24 (3)
Sexton Landscape Job 2015 181
Bonavolonta After May 2016 5
Misc Project Pics 1
Piwnica Palm Installation 12 2

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