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Learn how you can have a beautiful landscape that could save you time, energy and money while protecting the environment.  Helping you create a healthy, attractive landscape that works with the natural ecosystem rather than against it.

Based on UF/IFAS science, the following principles can guide homeowners in implementing a Florida-Friendly Landscape design, installed, maintained reduce environmental impact from landscaping by properly applying water, pesticides and fertilizer and employing other practices based on University of Florida research.

#1     Select the right plants for the right place, based on site conditions such as soil, water, sunlight, and wind.

#2     Water efficiently and during the cooler times of the day.  Check your irrigation system regularly for leaks, clogs and breaks.

#3     Fertilize appropriately - apply the right kind, the right amounts, and at the right times.  Too much or the wrong kind can be harmful to the environment.

#4     Mulching maintains soil moisture, prevents run-off and suppresses weed growth.

#5     Attract wildlife by planting bushes with berries or place a bird bath in your yard to encourage birds who will eat the pests that cause harm to your lawn and shrubs, and will also attract the insects that pollenate your garden.

#6     Manage yard pests responsibly and reduce environmental impact with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which stresses the use of smart planning, proper maintenance, and fewer chemicals to combat pests and disease.

#7     Recycle - reuse valuable nutrients in your landscape by composting grass clippings and leaves.

#8     Reduce Stormwater runoff by use of swales, berms, rain barrels, and porous pavers to keep the rainwater on site.  This will minimize the washing away of fertilizer, pesticides and other toxins into the storm drains.

#9     Protect the waterfront from pollution of fertilizer, pesticides and other toxins by establishing a 10 foot maintenance-free zone between your landscape and any body of water close by on your property.

While Also Protecting The Environment

Tropical Property Management offers services to assist you to create or maintain your Florida-Friendly Landscape.  click below for more information on our services.

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